5 Things That Make a 5-star Hotel a 5-star Hotel

Hotel ratings are normally used in classifying hotels according to their quality. The ratings inform holidaymakers on basic facilities that they can expect. With that in mind, here are five things that make a hotel garner the 5-star golden rating.

Quality of Service – Visitors will Always Receive Exceptional Service

Consistent, excellent service is the most important distinguishing factor between 5-star hotels and other hotels. A 5-star hotel is characterised by welcoming staff who are trained to anticipate the needs of guests and deliver top-notch personalised service at all interactions. Every member of staff in a 5-star hotel is intuitive, attentive, courteous and genuinely pleased to delight visitors with even mundane requests. The staff are always readily available and phone calls are answered immediately.

Aesthetic – Holidaymakers will Feel that Everything Makes Perfect Sense

Five-star hotels have their own distinctive personality. When visitors get inside, they’ll be impressed with the space of the hotel and feel its great personality in the vibe. Also, decor, treatments and appointments will make perfect sense.

Personalisation of Service – Guest’s Preferences Are Noted

A 5-star hotel will go to great lengths and offer a high level of personalisation that can’t be experienced at other hotels. Guests’ preferences at a 5-star hotel are quickly noted. This level of personalisation plus attention to details gives visitors a sense of being welcomed and cared for in a genuine manner. This is also why a 5-star hotel stands out.

The Senses – Everything will Entice Guests

A five-star hotel is more than attractive. Everything is pristinely clean and will feel cared for. This includes the rooms, door handles, room keys and the front desk. Technology, fixtures and controls will operate with unmistakable precision and purpose.

Rooms, Dining and Amenities – Visitors will Have the Finest Dining Experience

A 5-star hotel offers luxurious décor plus carefully selected furnishings that have high attention to detail. All the rooms, including suites and guestroom, are tastefully decorated with consistent design and high-quality furnishings, ample space, luxurious bath products, premium bedding, large king or queen-sized beds and ample space. Rooms include complimentary breakfast, minibar, free high-speed internet, 24-hour room service and a room service menu. A 5-star hotel also offers an extensive breakfast buffet plus a variety of dining options. Also, visitors should expect free access to a large selection of world-class recreational amenities such as fitness centres, pools, spa services and tennis courts. Here is a website showing UK hotel star rating system

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