A short visitors guide to St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is the largest and most famous churches in London. The architectural masterpiece is located at the site of the Roman temple. Sir Christopher Wren designed the present structure after the Great Fire of 1966 destroyed the original church. Here is a visitor’s guide if you are visiting one of the most recognizable landmarks in Britain.

Where to visit

A visit to one of the largest architectural wonders in the world would not be complete without scaling the interior of its Dome. Visitors get to sight-see London and the Thames in a 360-degree angle of view. The dome usually opens for sightseeing at 9.30 am. While scaling the dome’s interior, you also get a chance to witness the spectacular Whispering Gallery and feast your eyes on Thornhill’s paintings. You will also get to appreciate the architectural wonders of the sheer size of the nave. As you scale the dome’s steps, you also get to view the Stone Gallery and the Golden Gallery.

The Chapels

The cathedral is also home to several chapels. The All Soul’s Chapel is dedicated to Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, while the St. Dunstan’s Chapel is reserved for private prayers. There is also the American Memorial chapel which commemorates the death of American soldier during World War II, the Middlesex Chapel, the OBE Chapel, the Knights Bachelor Chapel, and chapels dedicated to St. George and St. Michael.

Other attractions

You may also want to view the Crypt, which houses tombs of notable figures such as Sir Christopher Wren, Lord Nelson, and Duke of Wellington, among others. The cathedral is also home to a large number of collections such as books and manuscripts.

A visit to one of the oldest landmarks in England will surely not disappoint. When scheduling a visit, it is important to check out the official website for more details, especially with the global pandemic’s ongoing restrictions.

What Every Hotel Should Have in Order for It to Be Family Friendly

Hotels that cater to families often offer amenities that will make the family holiday memorable. These hotels make travelling with family easier and enjoyable with their homely comforts. Here is what a hotel should have to be considered family-friendly.

Swimming Pool – Water Reigns Supreme as a Top Hotel Amenity

Children enjoy spending some quality time in the swimming pool. Some family-friendly hotels offer pool toys, water slides and splash pads. The pools should be clean, warm and well-maintained. Other hotels have indoor pools, which is ideal for places with cold weather; children always love keeping their humidity levels high.

A Cot with Bedding – Making Travelling Lighter for Holidaymakers

The most important thing that a family-friendly hotel should have is a toddler-friendly bed or a cot. Even the lightest travel cot is often a pain to carry when going on holiday. A high-quality travel cot is perfect because it can also serve as a mini play-pen. This is perfect for families who have children that are that stage of exploring everything. Also, family-friend hotels should provide blankets and sheets for the cot.

In-room Refrigerator and Microwave – Provides Convenience and Significant Cost Saving for Visitors

Family-friendly hotels should have in-room refrigerators because they are essential when it comes to storing picnic supplies, milk, baby food, snacks and leftovers. Additionally, a refrigerator can also be used to keep wine, beer and chocolates for kids to enjoy later. A microwave is good to have for reheating previously cooked foods as well as cooking various foods.

Family-friendly TV Programming – Reliable Entertainment for Visitors with Family

Most hotels have TVs, but they are only tuned to a few channels. No one wants their children to sit in front of the television the whole day, but family-friendly hotels should have channels such as CBeebies for young kids to watch before they go to sleep.

On-site Guest Laundry – Make Things Easier for Families

If hotels offer guest laundry facilities, it often makes it easier for families because they can pack light. On-site coin-operated dryers and washers are useful amenities. The machines should be well-maintained and clean. Here is a site showing places families can visit while in London.

Visitors who are planning to travel to London and are looking for family-friend boutique hotels should go to K West Hotel & Spa. This hotel offers visitors that travel with their families numerous amenities to make their holiday better and more fun.

5 Things That Make a 5-star Hotel a 5-star Hotel

Hotel ratings are normally used in classifying hotels according to their quality. The ratings inform holidaymakers on basic facilities that they can expect. With that in mind, here are five things that make a hotel garner the 5-star golden rating.

Quality of Service – Visitors will Always Receive Exceptional Service

Consistent, excellent service is the most important distinguishing factor between 5-star hotels and other hotels. A 5-star hotel is characterised by welcoming staff who are trained to anticipate the needs of guests and deliver top-notch personalised service at all interactions. Every member of staff in a 5-star hotel is intuitive, attentive, courteous and genuinely pleased to delight visitors with even mundane requests. The staff are always readily available and phone calls are answered immediately.

Aesthetic – Holidaymakers will Feel that Everything Makes Perfect Sense

Five-star hotels have their own distinctive personality. When visitors get inside, they’ll be impressed with the space of the hotel and feel its great personality in the vibe. Also, decor, treatments and appointments will make perfect sense.

Personalisation of Service – Guest’s Preferences Are Noted

A 5-star hotel will go to great lengths and offer a high level of personalisation that can’t be experienced at other hotels. Guests’ preferences at a 5-star hotel are quickly noted. This level of personalisation plus attention to details gives visitors a sense of being welcomed and cared for in a genuine manner. This is also why a 5-star hotel stands out.

The Senses – Everything will Entice Guests

A five-star hotel is more than attractive. Everything is pristinely clean and will feel cared for. This includes the rooms, door handles, room keys and the front desk. Technology, fixtures and controls will operate with unmistakable precision and purpose.

Rooms, Dining and Amenities – Visitors will Have the Finest Dining Experience

A 5-star hotel offers luxurious décor plus carefully selected furnishings that have high attention to detail. All the rooms, including suites and guestroom, are tastefully decorated with consistent design and high-quality furnishings, ample space, luxurious bath products, premium bedding, large king or queen-sized beds and ample space. Rooms include complimentary breakfast, minibar, free high-speed internet, 24-hour room service and a room service menu. A 5-star hotel also offers an extensive breakfast buffet plus a variety of dining options. Also, visitors should expect free access to a large selection of world-class recreational amenities such as fitness centres, pools, spa services and tennis courts. Here is a website showing UK hotel star rating system

Visitors who want their stay in London to match the romantic and majesty classicism of the British Capital should look for a stylish, luxury hotel such as Royal Lancaster London.

Places in Thailand where you can get married under water!

Locations for Underwater Weddings in Thailand

Most people dream of their weddings as idyllic scenes where the bride is dressed in a white gown that flows elegantly down the aisle. However, a new wedding trend has emerged over the years, underwater nuptials. Underwater marriage ceremonies are ideal for people who are looking forward to an unforgettable experience. People looking forward to taking their vows under the waves will be spoilt for choices in Thailand.

Underwater wedding locations in Thailand are numerous. Most spots that are renowned for providing an ideal setting for such ceremonies are located in Koh Samui, Koh Tao Island, and Koh Lanta. A couple can enjoy the hospitality and warmth provided by Lancaster Bangkok hotel after their diving.

Koh Lanta- The Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea is dotted with tropical islands that will provide a tremendous underwater wedding destination. Couples will be dazzled by the breathtaking underwater vistas, fantastic dive sites, and stunning white beaches. The couple will have a rare opportunity to dive alongside sea warriors such as mantra rays, whale sharks, and leopard sharks.

Koh Samui- The Gulf of Thailand

Koh Samui is by far one of the best locations to host an underwater wedding due to its fantastic diving facilities. In case the site does not tickle a couple’s fancy, they can sail to Southwest Pinnacles or Sail Rock. Indeed, they will be amazed by the stunning scenery of leopard sharks, barracudas, and jacks.

Koh Samui is strategically located and is ideal for couples seeking to hone their diving skills as beginners. The site is also suitable for revelers who are on the lookout for their courses in diving. Those who opt for an underwater wedding ceremony at the site will enjoy a beautiful, calm, and relaxing dive and may even see a whale shark.

Koh Tao Island- Gulf of Thailand

Koh Tao Island provides some of the best scenery for couples who want to have a spectacular wedding. A couple undertaking an underwater wedding will be thrilled by the swim-through, tunnels, and formations that dot the facility. A couple can go for their scuba diving lessons at Koh Tao Island before the actual wedding day.

The Bottom Line

Underwater weddings are a perfect choice for adventurous couples. Those who choose to get married underwater in Thailand will be spoilt for options in Koh Lanta, Koh Samui, and Koh Tao Island.